Corporate Tax Preparation Services

A Tellier Accounting and Bookkeeping offers comprehensive corporate tax preparation and remittance advice to minimize potential tax burdens and maximize after-tax retention of profits.

It pays to get your business books 'accountant ready'.

If you have a corporation, we’ll prepare your books and get them ‘accountant ready’ for annual tax return preparation – saving your accountant time and you money!

Corporate tax preparation services for the full life of your business.

From start-up to retirement and/or the sale of your business, our tax professionals can help you plan properly and mitigate tax liabilities. Our experience crosses all areas of personal and corporate taxation, helping business owners feel confident that their 'full financial picture' is considered in any strategic decisions.

With A Tellier Accounting and Bookkeeping, you get in-depth tax knowledge as well as personalized service.

The A Tellier Accounting and Bookkeeping team has the breadth and depth of tax knowledge you want; yet, at our local Niagara office, we are accessible enough to ensure that your personal needs will be taken care of on a timely basis.

You can count on tax guidance throughout the year, not just at year-end.

We work with you all year long as part of your business and tax management team. We interact and communicate with your lawyers and financial planners to ensure that all aspects of your corporate tax position are streamlined.

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Corporate Tax Filing Services, Niagara, Welland

Corporate Tax Services:

  • Tax Planning and Advice
  • Income Tax Preparation Services for Sole Proprietors and Partnerships (T1)

Thoughtful, strategic tax planning to benefit your full financial picture.

Whether it's personal or business – or both – our team will take the time to listen to your goals.



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