Estate Planning and Tax Services

Our estate planning and tax services help Welland and Niagara residents mitigate the potential tax impact of of transferring wealth to the next generation.

A well-planned estate is a gift you can give to the next generation.

Whether you have many assets or few, you will leave an estate to your heirs and/or beneficiaries.

We've all heard the stories of how messy it can be to settle an estate after an individual passes. When you proactively tend to your estate planning, you can make this process much easier and simpler for those left behind.

Your personal will is the foundation of your estate plan.

A will that is structured well is critical to ensuring family members, friends and charitable organizations, benefit from your estate the way you intend it. What you may not realize is that your will is as much about the accounting of your finances as it is about legal issues and structure.

Our team works closely with you and your lawyer to create the estate planning and tax strategies that will ensure your beneficiaries receive the greatest possible benefits

For you, it means peace of mind. For your beneficiaries, it means less stress.

In a world where financial issues can cause immeasurable anxiety, particularly upon death, you can be confident in our commitment to ensuring that your wishes are structured so that they can be carried out with minimal stress to your beneficiaries.

Effective tax guidance and preparation is critical.

With our Estate Tax Preparation Services, you can rest easy, knowing that that anything tax-related vis a vis your personal estate wishes are in good order. We'll work closely with your Financial Planner and Accountant to ensure that the details are documented, organized and ready for filing. 

We can help structure your estate to:

  • Minimize administrative expenses and delays.
  • Minimize tax implications.
  • Plan for the smooth transition of your affairs.
  • Protect the financial interests of your heirs and beneficiaries.
  • Plan for the transition of your business to a family member.
Estate Tax Planning, Welland, Niagara
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Thoughtful, strategic tax planning to benefit your full financial picture.

Whether it's personal or business – or both – our team will take the time to listen to your goals.



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